Urban Mobility Report

Congestion growth continues. The 2019 Urban Mobility Report provides a comprehensive analysis of traffic conditions in 494 urban areas across the United States. The report points to the need to consider a full range of mobility improvement strategies.

There is no one quick-fix for traffic congestion. Every strategy has an important role to play.

Mobility Improvement Strategies
December 9, 2019 Update: While working on a similar project, researchers discovered an error in the analysis of congestion costs contained in the 2019 Urban Mobility Report. Values in the report and urban area data tables have been corrected throughout this site. These figures should be used in place of all earlier estimates.

2019 Urban Mobility Report

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First published in 1987, TTI’s Urban Mobility Report (UMR) has been referenced nearly 10,000 times by major publications and broadcast outlets. Newspapers including The New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune and USA Today have featured the study’s findings. Stories have appeared on CNN, CBS This Morning, NBC Today and Fox News, making the UMR the definitive measure of traffic congestion in America for decision-makers and elected officials at the local, state and national level.

TTI’s 2019 edition uses crowdsourced data from INRIX on urban streets and highways, along with highway inventory data from the Federal Highway Administration. The report was sponsored by the Texas Department of Transportation.

Find congestion data for your city using a visualization map.