Urban Mobility Information

2012 Annual Urban Mobility Report

Nationally known study of mobility and traffic congestion on freeways and major streets in 101 cities. Also includes:

  • Strategies to address mobility problems
  • Study methodology

NOW AVAILABLE: TTI has produced a document providing a detailed response to general comments and specific criticisms about the Urban Mobility Report series.

2011 Congested Corridors Report

The inaugural 2011 Congested Corridors Report is the first nationwide effort to identify reliability problems along specific (directional) freeway corridors in the United States.

Texas Mobility Investment Priorities Project

(Addressing 2011 Texas Legislature, Rider 42)
This report was approved on February 23, 2012, by the Texas Transportation Commission. Links to the report.

FHWA Urban Congestion Reports

FHWA-sponsored study that reports quarterly trends for mobility and reliability using archived traffic operations data. Also includes:

  • Summary of procedures used to analyze detailed traffic data from transportation management centers.
  • Contains the most recent trends from 23 selected cities with readily-available freeway data.

Freight Mobility

TTI has developed and implemented performance measures for freight mobility and reliability. Review methods and measures used to quantify truck delay, wasted diesel fuel, and associated costs, as well as urban area freight monetary values and freight reliability.

Mobility Solutions

This section lists documents and web sites that provide additional guidance and resources for your mobility measurement efforts.